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15 Tips to ensure your COVID-19 antigen test results as accurate as possible

15 Tips to ensure your COVID-19 antigen test results as accurate as possible

Rapid antigen tests are now accessible over the counter in many countries, so it is important that we know how to use them correctly. Rapid antigen tests are particularly helpful for people before social gathering if they have symptoms. In about 15 minutes, the test results will be delivered, which is much sooner than standard PCR tests. However, the accuracy of the test results rely much on ourselves. Do we follow the instructions strictly? Do we wash our hands before testing? Do we collect the samples effectively? Here’s how to make the most of Lepu SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test (self-test), and to increase our chance of a meaningful result.

Antigen Rapid Detection Kit

1. Do not eat or smoke while handing specimens

2. Be cautious about the temperature and humidity of the experimental environment: the reaction temperature should be 15-30°C and the humidity should be below 70%  

3. Wash your hands or wear clean gloves before testing  

4. Check the package prior to testing, dispose if the package is broken or the product expires the validation date  

5. Do the test in a hour after the card is taken out of the aluminium foil bag  

6. Follow the steps on the instruction manual  

7. Remove the covering layer of double-sided adhesive to prevent liquid splashing before testing

8. Make sure to drop the dilution buffer into the right well

9. During testing, the test card should be placed on a horizontal table and avoid being moved  

10. Do not mix or interchange different specimens

11. Do not touch the head of swab when opening the pouch to avoid contamination  

12. Do not reuse the sterilized swabs for specimen collection  

13. Patients with severe allergic rhinitis may have false positive results  

14. Do not refrigerate the product  

15. Be careful about the invalid test result:  If there is no purple-red band appearing in the Control Line (C), regardless of the result shown in the Test Line (T), it indicates either the operation process is incorrect or the test kit has been damaged. In this case, please retest with a new test kit strictly following the instruction. If the problem reoccurs, please report it to your local supplier.


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