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Can an Oxygen Generator Replace a Ventilator during COVID-19 Outbreak?

Can an Oxygen Generator Replace a Ventilator during COVID-19 Outbreak?

The spread of the COVID-19 in the international community has once again made ventilators a hot spot. With the increase in the number of infected people, ventilators in various countries are in emergency, and major companies have switched to production, but they are struggling. The reason is that although the ventilators are small, their parts have to be ordered from all over the world, and independent research and development is extremely difficult.


So, some people may ask, as they are both for breathing, can the oxygen generator replace the existence of the ventilator? Today, Lepu Medical will share with you the difference between a ventilator and an oxygen concentrator. We do hope you can learn more about oxygen concentrator noise reduction and medical knowledge through this article.


Classification of oxygen generators

There are many types of oxygen generators, and the three common ones are: electronic oxygen generators, chemical oxygen generators, and molecular sieve oxygen generators.


1. Electronic oxygen generator


The electronic oxygen generator uses the process of oxidizing and reducing the oxygen in the air in a solution to precipitate oxygen. This type of product requires very strict handling and use. It is not allowed to tilt or invert, otherwise it will cause serious consequences for exygen takers, so it is not suitable for home use.


2. Chemical oxygen generator


The chemical oxygen generator uses a reasonable internal pharmaceutical formula to produce oxygen, but it is more troublesome to operate, and the use cost is high, so the popularization rate is not widespread.


3. Molecular sieve oxygen generator


Molecular sieve oxygen generator adopts advanced gas separation technology (PSA method). The oxygen produced by this method is relatively pure and very stable. It is currently the most popular household oxygen generator technology in the oxygen generator market.


The molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature oxygen generator with international and national standards.


Can an oxygen generator replace a ventilator?

Oxygen generator is to solve the problem of low oxygen saturation, while ventilator is to solve the problem of breathing and ventilation. For example, in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, if there is carbon dioxide retention, the ventilator is required to exhaust carbon dioxide. At the same time, oxygen made from the oxygen generator is needed to replenish the body's oxygen saturation.


Therefore, the application scenarios and application directions of the ventilator and the oxygen generator are different, so it is impossible to replace each other or through modification.

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