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Lepu SPO2 Oxygen Monitor Pulse Oximeter with Pulse Bar Graph

What Are the Applicable Groups of Lepu Medical Oximeter?

Who needs Lepu medical pulse oximeter? Who is the oximeter suitable for?


1. People with vascular diseases are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter 


People with coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or cerebral thrombosis, etc. are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter.


There are lipid deposits in the vascular cavity, and the blood is not smooth, which will cause difficulty in oxygen supply. Using Lepu medical pulse oximeter can easily check the blood oxygen of the human body.


2. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter


Viscous blood coupled with hardening of the coronary arteries narrows the vascular lumen, resulting in poor blood supply and difficulty in oxygen supply. The body is "hypoxia" every day.


Long-term mild hypoxia, the heart, brain and other organs with high oxygen consumption will gradually decline. Therefore, long-term use of Lepu medical pulse oximeter for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients can effectively prevent danger. If hypoxia occurs, oxygen supplementation can be made at the first time, which can effectively reduce the chance of disease.


3. People with respiratory diseases are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter 


People with asthma, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, or pulmonary heart disease, etc. are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter.


The blood oxygen test of respiratory patients is indeed very important. On the one hand, breathing difficulties can lead to insufficient oxygen uptake. On the other hand, the persistence of asthma can also block the small organs, making gas exchange difficult and leading to hypoxia, which causes different degrees of damage to the heart, lungs, brain and even kidneys. Therefore, using Lepu medical pulse oximeter to detect blood oxygen content can reduce the incidence of respiratory tract.


4. Elderly people over 60 years old are suitable for Lepu medical oximeter


The human body relies on blood to transmit oxygen. If there is less blood, there will naturally be less oxygen. With less oxygen, the physical condition naturally declines. Therefore, the elderly should use Lepu medical pulse oximeter to check the blood oxygen content every day. Once the blood oxygen is below the warning level, oxygen should be supplemented as soon as possible.

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